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Conditions open for South America!

Yesterday we had a great time when we had an openning from around 20:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC. Two stations from Argentina showed up at the repeater. The stations were LW2DDS (Nestor) from Bahia Blanca(FF81), Argentina, and LU7YZ (Alex) from the Patagonia region (FF51), Argentina. The stations were invited to the repeater by WP4NEG while they were at 50.110. Also in the QSO were KP4EIT (Papo), KP4KSL (Federico), and thru the UHF linked RPT, NP3HM (Jorge). I was mobile and the other local stations were at different locations. We were about 2 hours, taking turns to work the Argentinian stations. It was great guys! LW2DDS was receiving the RPT at S2 while LU7YZ reported an S7. We were receiving them at full quieting (Must be the fact that the receiving antenna is a Diamond DPGH-62, and the TX is a Ringo AR-6). They were working horizontal polarization using directional Yagis.

6 is alive!

WP3BM/KP4KSL Repeater system now has access to Echolink!
The finishing touches were given to the repeater link system with the addition of Echolink. Now, users of both 6 meters and 70cm can experience the virtues of internet linking. The posibilities are endless: You can Echolink to the KPKSL-R node and test for opennings to FK68 land, or just chat with local RPT users. Whatever comes in through any of the links (6M, 70cm, Echolink), will go out on the other two links. You can also check for activity on the 6 meter RPT before calling CQ. All this is possible by the use of CAT 1000 controllers on both repeaters plus the RPT link interface at KP4KSL's. For the moment, the Echolink will funtion on an intermitent fashion, meaning that the link will not always be active due to the present dial up connection. Prices for DSL on the island are a bit high when compared to the U.S. mainland, but this might change soon. Meanwhile, check on the echolink page, specially at nights, when the system is operational.

Update!!! 10-18-04- WP3BM site now has DSL! So, the preparations for an always on Echolink connection are underway! Cool,  huh!
Don't take the protection out!!
Photo by John Olexa
  Lightning Update!
10-18-04 -We had several elctric storms last week. The TX site as well as the RX site were unaffected, due in part by the protection installed. The RPT continues to work without PL tone nor preamp. To be frank, it has been working better without the preamp, so we decided to leave it out permanently. Phone patch is still down. LITZ is working.

Fox Hunt webpage project started
May 28, 2004-With the help of the good fellow hams we have around here, the project for an automated Fox Hunter have begun! The Concept is to have a website the local user can visit, remotely program the frequency, and operate the Fox Hunter. Two direction finders at known locations will set up an automatic direction finding. The results will be triangulated on an online map. We will keep you posted on the project

gear for the fox hunter!

Hurricane Season Almost Over!  
10-18-04-The hurricane season is coming to a fold. This has been a very active year, and we are glad it is almost over. So, fine tune your antennas for the nice fall opennings!

Check the weather!

The hunt, is on!
Picture by Milestone Technologies, Inc.